The Ninja

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The Ninja
allies(s): John Kingston
affiliation: Madness Armed Forces (formerly)
enemies: Steve


creator: sto0g3

Theย Ninjaย is the main protagonist of theย Maximum Ninja series. He is a ninja who possesses a ruby which grants him powers.


Maximum Ninja - 1

The Ninja's original appearance

The Ninja's friendย John Kingstonย was kidnapped by the Asian Mafia so the Ninja was sent on a mission by the Madness Armed Forces to rescue him. After fighting his way through the Asian Mafia Grunts, the Ninja entered the room where John was being held and fought the Asian Mafia's leader Arashikage. After killing the mob boss, the Ninja frees his friend and the two go to leave the Asian Mafia hideout.

Maximum Ninja - 2

As the two fight their way through the remaining Asian Mafia Grunts, Steve revives Arashikage as a zombie to go after the Ninja and John Kingston, but John shoots the zombified mob boss and the Ninja finishes him off by slicing off his jaw. The Ninja and John then get into John's car so they can drive to the airport and take a plane to Nevada. Two Grunts see them and pursue them on motorbikes, but the Ninja takes them both out.

The two later come across a roadblock set up by two Asian Mafia Grunts, but the Ninja kills both of them and they are able to go on ahead. The two reach the airport, but find that it's being guarded by Asian Mafia Grunts. The two fight their way through the Grunts but are soon confronted by Steve.

Maximum Ninja - 3

Steve shoots both of them, killing John and wounding the Ninja. After recovering from his wounds, the Ninja finds John dead and gives him a proper burial before leaving the Madness Armed Forces to go avenge John on his own. Donning a new look, the Ninja goes to infiltrate Steve's lair. After fighting his way through the forces of Steve's Sguard, the Ninja makes it to Steve's office and the two face off in an epic showdown.