Jack Wernicke

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Jack Wernicke
full name: Jack Wernicke
allies(s): Kelzad Oox (non-canon, collab only)

Cethic (non-canon, collab only)
Abaddon (temporary, Jailbreak canon)
Awez (Temporary, Jailbreak canon)

affiliation: A.A.H.W. (formerly)
enemies: Auditor

A.A.J.W. (Madness Extraidition)
NEXUS Police (Jailbreak Canon)

creator: Gibb50

Jack Wernicke is a Madness Combat character created by Gibb50 who appears as a main protagonist in his animations. He is a former high-ranking A.A.H.W. Agent who went rogue and began opposing the organization.


Madness Abreaction

Jack Wernickeย was called to test out a new experimental upgrade for theย l33t Agents, which would use the power of Improbability to improve certain aspects of them. However, upon being administered the upgrade, Jack is infused with the power of Improbability, causing Jack to begin having flashbacks of his past.

Turning against theย A.A.H.W., Jack goes on a killing spree throughout the base. Going to his office, Jack heads over to his desk where he swaps out his tinted red shades for a red visor that the facility's engineers had designed for him. The Auditor then enters, having observed his killing spree and shoots at Jack, but Jack escapes by leaping out the window and entering the base again from a door outside. After killing more A.A.H.W. units and eluding the Auditor, Jack flees to outside the base, where he steals a motorbike from an Engineer and rides away.

Madness Aberration

Jack storms an A.A.H.W. facility, looking to kill the facility's leader: Rich. He fights off agency members and a G03LM at the entrance of Rich's officer. After Rich fails to convince Jack not to kill him, Jack murders him and leaves the scene. This marks first time Jack is injured by a bullet, this time one grazing his head.

Madness Infiltration

Jack Wernicke infiltrates a MERC facility and fights his way through the MERC's units. As this is going on, a squad of A.A.H.W. units attack the base also, causing Jack to have flashbacks to his days in the agency. After killing the suads of A.A.H.W. forces, Jack exits the base and drives away in a stolen agency truck.

Madness Extradition (not canon)

Jack enters a A.A.H.W building in Nexus city while being chased by the A.A.J.W., an agency branch targeting Jack specifically. Jack fights his way through the facility, killing members of the A.A.H.W. and A.A.J.W. alike, facing off against a MAG Agent and eventually exiting and stealing an helicopter to escape.

Paradigmadness 2 Collab (not canon)

Jack makes a suprise cameo appearance in Paradigmadness 2, during the battle between Gabriel Barsch, the Eye Monsters and the A.A.M.O. in the desert. He is seen exiting a wooden letrine and is scared away by the Eye Monsters, teleporting away before a grenade impacts and destroys the letrine.

Madness: JAILBREAK Collab (not canon)

Jack appears as one of the prisoners at the SuperMad Prison, where Abaddon and Awez temporarily team up with him to fight off the NEXUS Police and escape the prison complex. He eventually activates a motorboat in a docking bay with the use of improbability and escapes alongside his allies. Afterwards, he resumes his killing sprees.


Prior to rebelling against the agency, Jack wore an attire almost identical to the rest of the l33t agents, the only differences being his glasses having a red to black gradient tint, his suit having a lighter collar and a red tie. Afterwards, he ditched the glasses for a visor with red-tinted glasses and dual straps going around his head.

After getting injured in Madness Aberration, Jack Wernicke shows a sewn wound on his forehead, where the bullet grazed his head.