Madness Interactive

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Madness Interactive

A screenshot of gameplay.
Artist(s): Krinkels
Programming: Max-abernethy
Music: MModule
Release date(s): August 26, 2003
Genre(s): Action, Shooter
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Madness Interactive is a flash game based upon Madness Combat 2 Redeemer. It was created by Flecko (Max Abernethy), with sprites supplied by Krinkels.

Story Mode

The intro of the game.

The Story Mode is based on Madness Combat 2 Redeemer. The player must complete all the levels to reach, and then kill, the Sheriff as revenge for stealing his/her pie. A brief tutorial can be found in the main menu.

The levels are as follows: seven levels on the street, including one outside The Bakery!, three levels inside a building (including a washroom), five more levels on the street and two inside. Then, the player must fight a MP9/MP5K-wielding Jesus (depending on version) to gain access to the Sheriff and kill him. Jesus revives past fallen enemies.

The upgrade screen.

After the game is completed, the player is told their body count (with a maximum of 285), number of shots fired, deaths, game time, accuracy (in percent) and best inning, the most kills gained without dying. They are then given an overall score, which may unlock some cheats. However, nothing will be earned if a cheat code is used.


There are a set of four challenges. Each challenge may unlock cheats if a high enough score is gained.


The player starts with no weapons and is attacked constantly by Smith agents.


The player has no weapons but shotguns spawn on the ground. The player must defeat regular enemies. When Jesus is overhead, all enemies become zombies, and when the player kills Jesus, the zombies turn back into regular enemies.

Knifing Around

The player stands at the opposite side of the screen to a dummy and is given unlimited knives. The player must throw as many knives at the dummy as possible in one minute. For every knife that sticks to the dummy, the player gets a point. For every knife that either bounces off the dummy or misses the dummy entirely, the player loses a point. The player cannot move.


Pistols spawn on the ground as the player, with a jetpack, has to avoid or destroy the lasers which spawn randomly on the level borders.

Experiment Mode

The player enters a blank arena and can spawn weapons and enemies to fight at choice. The player can also toggle autospawn, which automatically spawns a new enemy every 3 seconds. Invincibility can also be enabled.


There are many options provided at the main menu:


Provides the option to change the controls for:

  • Right (default D)
  • Left (default A)
  • Down (default S)
  • Jump (default W)
  • Drop (default F)
  • Use (default Shift)
  • Bullet-time (default Q)
  • Switch gun (default E)
  • Pause (default P)
  • Quit (default Enter)


Provides the option to change the quality and detail levels, and toggling music.


The game allows the player to create a custom character, by customizing their:

  • Hat (Sheriff hat, Baseball cap, Bandana, Mohawk, Top hat, Clown wig, Pirate, Smith hair, Jesus)
  • Glasses (Sunglasses, Geeky, Sam Fisher, Eyepatch, Smith shades)
  • Mask (Goatee, Santa Clause, Bonzo, Ninja, Gas mask)
  • Suit (Businessman, White suit, Ninja)


In Madness Interactive, cheats are used to give the player a type of advantage in the game. They are unlocked for gaining high scores in the main game or challenges. They can also be found on cheat sites. In Madness Interactive, however, the player won't get a score if they used any cheats.


These are all of the cheats which can be unlocked.

  • Armstrong. Gives the player double the punch distance.
  • Apollo. Makes all enemies use explosive packs and rockets or grenades
  • Arnold. Gives the player a stronger punch
  • Flcl. Gives all weapons unlimited ammo
  • Guide. All weapons have laser sight
  • Gump. Player speed is doubled
  • Hop. Player jump height is doubled
  • Minnie. Player spawns with a minigun
  • Newyorkminute. Gives player unlimited bullet-time
  • Willis. Makes the player invincible

Available Weapons

There are many weapons in Madness Interactive. Here is a list of them along with keys for spawning them in Experiment Mode.