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Type: Submachine gun
Attachment(s): suppressor
Used by: Hank, Sanford, Deimos, Jesus, agents, A.T.P. engineers
Kill(s): 34

The Ingram MAC-10, also known as the M-10, is an American .45-caliber automatic machine pistol. It seems to have 2 automatic suppressors.


Madness Combat 1

Its first appearance marked it the first gun in the series, used by Hank to kill a Zombie's headless corpse and Jesus. While Hank did hit the Zombie, Jesus deflected all the bullets. Jesus knocks Hank and the M-10 with a lighting bolt, but after sucessfully dodging the balls from Jesus' cannon, Hank grabbed it and killed him. Later, he also killed some incoming Grunts with a Sawn shotgun.

Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis

In Apotheosis, a suppressed version of the M-10 was used by Hank. After the first two rooms killing Grunts, he dodges a Grunt's shotgun attack then drops the M-10 and grabs an AK-47.

Madness Combat 5.5

In 5.5, Deimos uses a shotgun to kill some 1337 Agents, with one holding the M-10. Deimos grabbed it after that shotgun hadn't any ammunition and uses it along with a Baton. Deimos used this 3 rooms after the room Sanford got his bandanna and discarded after some time, before the short fight with Tricky.

Madness Combat 6: Antipathy

In Antipathy, it was used by an Agent commanding the reassignment. The Agent goes out and fires 2 times at Hank, firing in a 3-round burst, however is defeated by both Hank's newly-aquired P90 and his Battle axe. Hank does not use it, however.

Madness Combat 8: Inundation

After Jesus uses his TAC-50 and grabs his S&W 500, he encounters 2 Agents and 2 A.T.P. Engineers, with the second Agent using a fully automatic M-10. All were quickly dispatched by Jesus' S&W revolver. Later, Jesus dispatches 2 more Engineers (a third enters later), one with also an M-10, the first killed in the room. After defeating everyone, Jesus grabs the M-10 and a M1911. Jesus uses both on the room with stored Grunt corpses to clear a room of agents and A.T.P. engineers. The M-10 and the M1911 went out of ammo in almost the same moment. When Jesus enters an Elevator, one of the 2 agents in the room below (with also the Elevator) next to a crate has an M-10. He fires twice before Jesus kills an Agent and an Engineer with a Fire axe and a L337 sword respectively and goes up. The Agents follows his step while Jesus places a box to defend itself. The Agent with a PPK goes first, but is killed. Jesus kills the second one shortly after, goes down again and the M-10 is never seen again in Inundation.

Madness Combat 9: Aggregation


Madness Combat 10: Abrogation

In Abrogation, an Engineer fires a M-10 (with an extended magazine) in the first room MAG Hank and Sanford enters, but is quickly dispatched by Hank's MAG arm punch. Sanford grabs it and a Steyr TMP off-screen. Sanford fires on a few A.A.H.W. units, proceed to the next room, gently tells Hank to stay back, pulls a Spike gate and fires at one agent. When the ammo ends, it temporarily dazes an Agent, dispatched by Sanford's fists shortly after.



Madness: Project Nexus (Classic)

While it did not appear in the classic Project Nexus, its little brother, the .380-chambered M-11, did make an appearance.