Frag grenade

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Frag grenade

A grenade.
Type: Explosive
Used by: Hank, 2BDamned, grunt
Kill(s): 3

The fragmentation grenade, often shortened to "frag," is a small handheld explosive device used to clear large numbers of enemies.

It was used by Hank in Madness Combat 1 to clear some dead bodies from the area. He also used it in Madness Combat 2 Redeemer to clear a way through the ceiling to reach the Sheriff. A grunt also threw one at Hank, who was inside an elevator, but Hank simply picked it up and threw it back, killing two grunts in the process.

After being absent for 16 years, the frag grenade, with better detail, would finally reappear in DISSENTER, used by 2BDamned to kill an A.T.P. engineer. This version seems to resemble a cross between a Mk 1 grenade and an M61 grenade.